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Payment Services

Digitech Payments® provides secure processing options and quality merchant services in Canada to accept credit cards and debit (Interac).
  • Accept credit card payments in-store (wired terminals, wireless machines, virtual)
  • Online payment processing (E-commerce site software)
  • Virtual Merchant accounts by phone with the free app to obtain mobile payment processing in Canada by Android or iPhone

Merchant Service

Digitech Payments® is proud to offer industry leading solutions in numerous categories:
  • Canadian Gift Cards & Loyalty Programs
  • Technology Integration
  • Retail POS (Point Of Sale) Systems
  • ATM Payment Processing
  • Payment Gateway
Learn about the different ways Digitech Payments® can help your Canadian business, submit a question pertaining to debit or to accept credit cards here.

24/7 Merchant Service & Support

Our team of friendly processing experts are here to answer calls and emails anytime, day or night.
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“Switching to Digitech Payments® system increased my profits by almost 2%. Instead of paying all those service and merchant fees, now they go right to my bottom line ”!
Stephanie Gaston - Bakery & Cafe Owner
“I appreciate Digitech Payments’ expedited help with setting up my merchant account. Your account representative was truly awesome. It’s not too often people and businesses go out of their way to help the little guy. Thanks again. ”
George Benerd - Factory Owner
“Everything is just the way they said it would be, no surprises ”
Manon Dubois - Montreal Business Owner
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