Ecommerce Solutions

Grow your business by accepting payments online from your merchant account. Build your own secure e-commerce solution that can be integrated into your website.

Online payment processing has a number of benefits to setting up an E-Commerce website in Canada. Particularly for certain types of merchant accounts, such as non-profit organizations, or retailers who do a great deal of sales online. Online payment processing can allow for versatility, for example, a non-profit website can accept donations through online payments by debit card, Visa, Mastercard or American Express payments. A Canadian retail store can expand their business and customer base by selling products online directly to the consumer. Despite the benefits of online payment processing, it can be intimidating for some merchants, because it often seems like a complicated process.

The process of accepting online payments can be summed up in a few simple steps. The first thing to remember with setting up online payment processing is to choose a trusted company in Canada, like Digitech Payments, who prides itself on processing the transactions and forwarding the payment into your account in a timely fashion. Processing business payments online needs to be very secure, otherwise a customer’s personal information can be compromised by gaining bank account information.

After a customer or non-profit donor chooses an item to add to their online cart, they will then be redirected to the payment processing provider site where they will complete the transaction to submit the donation or to buy the product online. The customer’s personal information, including the credit card number, will then be checked to ensure that the payment transaction is authorized. The customer will then be directed back to the site of the merchant, retailer or not-for-profit group.

At this point, generally a customer or donator will receive a receipt or order complete page, which will display the details of the transaction completed. The details of online payment processing may vary, based on the payment processing provider In Canada. Third-party providers take care of all processing services of credit cards, just like an offline credit card payment processing company.

Digitech Payments offers online payment processing solutions (E-Commerce services), which are trusted, reliable and charge some of the lowest fees to process credit card and Interac payments in the industry of Canada. Contact Digitech Payments at 1-800-479-8189 to speak with a merchant account representative about your specific online payment processing needs or for any other related E-commerce information needed.

Our Canadian E-Commerce & Virtual Terminal software services allow you to:

  • Accept all Visa, MasterCard and AMEX credit and debit cards
  • Accept all Interac debit cards – card present environment (available on Virtual Merchant with PIN pad models)
  • Easily integrate Buy Button functionality with your shopping cart
  • Handle recurring payments and installment billing
  • Deposit funds to any Canadian bank account
  • Settle in CAD or USD currency
  • Access all functionality from any PC with an Internet connection