We are an ambitious Canadian team that is looking to change the world. We want to make payments simpler, more effective, and more fun for businesses and consumers.

Digitech Payments is an established payment processing brokerage in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, specializing in services for providers across the United States and Canada. Our ability to offer complex, successful solutions to merchants across both locations is partly due to our top notch partnerships with companies like Elavon and Ingenico.

We process millions of check, ecommerce, and payment card payments with American Express, MasterCard, Visa, and Debit (Interac) in-store card payments, as well as online and with the use of mobile apps for the top cell phone providers in the United States and Canada- Android, Blackberry, and iPhone. Since we cover such a diversified array of payment processing options for customers, we have a strong-client base spanning a wide array of industries. From professional services, automotive, retailers, utilities, lodging, gaming, health care, education, and restaurants to government agencies, and more, we provide impeccable seamless processing of payments across two countries.

Digitech Payments focuses its growth strategy in the expanding market by investing directly back within its own sales organization, allowing for only the best and most exceptional customer service and state of the art products in the market. This results in the best and most innovative solutions for all of our customers and their customers. Our professionals are expertise leaders in their fields of software, e-commerce, and IT. Transactions and daily processes are fully transparent and current for all customers. Merchants choose us because we only use innovative, cutting edge, secure technology for the processing of payments on the internet, on the go with mobile apps, and right at their location of business. Dedicated and committed to exceeding client’s expectations, we not only meet their needs, but we are one of the rare companies in the industry that follows the Credit Card Processing Code of Conduct.

For investor-related inquiries, information, and concerns, please contact 1-800-479-8189 to speak with an investor’s relation professional within our public affairs team.