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We are an ambitious Canadian team that is looking to change the world. We want to make payments simpler, more effective, and more fun for businesses and consumers.

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  • In the hospitality industry in Canada there is no truer phrase than “the customer is always right”. We know you want your customers stay with you as stress free as possible, that’s why we offer wired and wireless payment solutions supported by enough software applications to take care of any Canadian organization and payment need on location, as well as offering online solutions for guests that prefer to take care of business before they visit.
  • The same way you accommodate your customers, Ingenico’s Tellium2 software accommodates your business needs. Seamlessly integrated additional applications like customer loyalty programs, gift card services and a multitude of language and currency options make sure your guests are taken care of just the way they want to be.




  • In a retail environment busy rushes can push employee boundaries. With Digitech Payments there’s no need to worry about whether you’ll be able to take the next customers payment or whether you’ve got enough rolls of printer feed to last you the month. Customized payment solutions based around your needs to meet your customers expectations are only a call away.

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  • Engineered to last, the compact design eliminates technical complexity to assure faultless operation in even the most demanding environments, while its ergonomic styling delivers the most comfortable and convenient user experience of any terminal in its class.


  • In a restaurant there’s never a still moment. Customer familiarity is key in making payments, that’s why we offer both wired solutions for the front of the house and wireless solutions for those who prefer to pay at their tables. In addition, Ingenico’s Tellium2 software boasts over 800 applications that start with gift card integration, tip options, customer loyalty programs and table management into your payment processing. Keeping track of finances in a restaurant has never been easier


  • Working business to business means you’re not always in the building. Taking payments in the field is just as important as saving both parties time and money. With Digitech Payments, paying for your new brochures at the print shop or sending contractors money for materials just got easier.

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  • The uDynamo ‘SCRA’ and VirtualMerchant software allows merchants to make secure transactions while on-the-go with a mobile device.


  • When you’re not always in the office versatile payment processing is important. Online payment processing is not only convenient, but has great benefits for retail merchants and non-profits alike.
  • Full PCI-Compliance at the point of sale means that there’s no need to sweat your customers safety when making purchases.


Our E-Commerce & Virtual Terminal solutions allow you to:

1. Accept all Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Interac credit and debit cards
2. Easily integrate Buy Button functionality with your shopping cart
3. Handle recurring payments and installment billing
4. Deposit funds to any Canadian bank account
5. Settle in various currencies
6. Access all functionality from any device with an Internet connection.