Recurring Billing

We are an ambitious Canadian team that is looking to change the world. We want to make payments simpler, more effective, and more fun for businesses and consumers.

Are your clients and customers regularly buying your Canadian products or services? Then it’s probably a great time to use Digitech Payments’ recurring billing feature for Canadian business owners and office staff. Set up the dailSet Up Recurring Billing, For Clients And Customers, Regularly Buying Products, Utilizing Servicesy payment option, pay weekly, monthly, or yearly payments.

Save time and money by automatically receiving funds at certain Recurring-Billing-Credit-Card-Payments-Debit-Card-Payment-Digitech-Paymentstimes of the billing process. Multi-faceted service that anyone in the office can easily understand and use on a daily basis.

  • Security is always our first priority, secure, trusted servers are a given!
  • Eliminate stress from cheques being sent or chasing payments
  • Instantly processed, money is put into your business accounts within 24 hours
  • Customers and clients are busy, this recurring payment option offers piece of mind in the service or sales process
  • Reward programs and loyalty offers from their credit card usage and Air Miles


Digitech Payments provides a simple application utilized from your office computer, cellular phone or tablet to process credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express). The recurring billing service for businesses is a great tool for your clients and/or customers. Offering this add-on is being one step ahead of your local competition in Canada.