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Gift Cards Program

Gift Cards Program

DigTech®Payments’ Gift Card Program makes it easy for your business to boost revenue and increase cash flow. Did you know that over 50% of gift card holders have spent more than the value of their card when redeeming it? As a matter of fact, consumers on average make 2 visits to use the entire value of their card. Since you’ll use your existing terminal to load and redeem gift cards, getting started is a snap. And with low startup costs, there is no reason your business shouldn’t take advantage of the increased revenue streams a gift card program can provide.

How can gift cards help your business?

Increase your sales:
79.7% of consumers will buy at least one gift card next holiday season.

Expand your product line:
Immediately add a new product that your business can sell.

Get a piece of the pie:
Canadians spend an average of $200 each on gift cards every year. It’s time to enjoy some of those profits!

Better branding:
Get better name recognition and constant exposure. Promote your brand every time a cardholder opens their wallet.

More customers:
Gift cards encourage business that wouldn’t normally come your way. Attract shoppers looking for gift ideas.

Sell more at regular prices:
Customers are less price-sensitive when they are using gift cards.

Increase cash flow:
Since customers are pre-paying when they buy a gift card, you get your cash in-hand, sooner.

Customizable Currencies

Choose what value the cards will hold; whether its golf games, haircuts, or just plain old dollars.

Choose a Design That Fits Your Company

Choose an existing template or design your own card. Your business can promote its’ brand every time a cardholder opens their wallet!

Online Management System

With advanced reporting and tracking, you can manage multiple locations and get the breakdown of each store from 1 place. Merchant reporting allows you to export data to Excel for easy business analysis. It’s possible to manage multiple campaigns by creating and tracking campaigns for any occasion. Clients can easily see their past transactions, balances and more, online in the comfort of their home.

Low Setup Costs

There is no need to purchase additional equipment. Everything is centralized, meaning your processing and gift card programs are both integrated in 1 place: your existing terminal. Initial setup is inexpensive and per transaction fees are minimal.

No Training Necessary

Our program is so easy to learn and manage, you’ll be up and running in no time.

365 days/year Support

Relax knowing that we are open when your business is open.

Note: All Statistics found in the above text were obtained from the following Sources: BIGresearch, Retail Council of Canada, National Retail Federation, J.C. Williams Group.

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